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My jewelry career started in High School with my first jewelry class  We made bracelets out of copper pipes!!  I still do!  In Jr. College I took every jewelry class offered.  I was blessed to be able to take the GIA Bench Jeweler classes on the road and spent the next 20+ years working in various jewelry stores doing repairs, stone setting and custom work  My favorite being a local Estate jewelry store where I fell in love with antique jewelry.  Victorian, Art Nouveu, Art Deco to name a few.  Here you will find my collection of antique reproduction jewelry made with the same repurposed dies from over 100 years ago!

As a young girl, I had horse fever and it has never waned,  I loved everything to do with horses and especially the jewelry of the Southwest. The colorful stones, and the hand stamping of silver and copper made famous by the Navajo artists of the day.  I have been blessed to meet some very talented artists who love to share their art and tools of the Navajo along with other Native American people.  I strive to echo their love, and reverence of our world with my impression of what I am learning.  Always learning............

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